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Okay... so you want the low-down on who I am for your demographic pleasure?  This should answer most of your general questions I suppose.


Birth Date: 2/21/1977

Height: 5' 10"

Eyes: Bluish Green

Hair: Brown, short, and rather curly

Weight: About 190

Favorite TV Shows: The OC, The Apprentice, Everybody Loves Raymond, Who's Line is it Anyway

Shows that I Miss: Ally McBeal, X-Files, Robotech, Seinfeld, Andy Rhicter Controls the Universe

Favorite Movies: The Matrix series, The Princess Bride, American Beauty, Office Space

Favorite Musical Artists: Phil Collins, Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20), Madonna, and Erasure

Favorite Movie Soundtrack: Potion, from Final Fantasy

Favorite Magazine: Wired

Favorite Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

Favorite Authors: Douglas Adams and Scott Adams (no relation)

Favorite Comics: Dilbert, Farside, and UserFriendly

Favorite Comedians: Steven Wright, Robin Williams, Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld

Favorite Actor: Kevin Spacey

Favorite Actresses: Drew Barrymore, Leelee Sobieski

Favorite Website: My.Yahoo.Com

My Hobbies: Concerts, music, reading fiction and non-fiction, helping others

Profession: Sales, Internet Services

School: Completed some college, at Delta and Cosumnes River College.  Continuing at the University of Phoenix towards an MBA.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Grew Up: Riverside, CA  (John W North High, class of 1995)

Current: Lodi, CA (tiny town near Sacramento)

Role Model: Bill Gates

Political Hero: Bill Maher

Favorite Drink: Snapple

Favorite Soda: Mountain Dew

Favorite Number: 42

Favorite Condiment: Ranch Dressing

Geek Code: GB d H s g+ !p !au a21 w- v+ C UL--- P-- L-- !3 E---- N+ K- W++ M !V po+ Y-- t+ 5- j R G' tv b++ D B- e+ u** h+ f++ r n- y+