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I'm a self-proclaimed computer geek, so when people ask me "what are your hobbies?" they're usually less-than-impressed with my answer... unless of course they're a fellow geek.

There are other things that I do which aren't directly related to computers, such as reading, listening to music or going to concerts, watching movies, non-profit philanthropic stuff, and the occasional game of StarCraft or Final Fantasy.

I do read - a lot - usually at least an hour a day.  In print, the books I read are mainly business-related non-fiction stuff (how to improve your business, management techniques, marketing tips, etc).  I also read tons of computer-related stuff (how the Web was founded, the future of the Internet, etc).  I'm very fond of Bill Gate's book, The Road Ahead.   I've read one or two science non-fiction books too, including A Brief History of Time.  In the fiction world, I'm a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan.  I absolutely love Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's "trilogy".  I think I've read the 5 books at least twice each, and the first one I've done 7 times.  I can quote most of it.   :) 

Most of my reading, however, is through websites such as Slashdot, Broadband Reports, Wired, Mobile News, and even the local Lodi News Sentinel.  I have an RSS feed which brings me headlines from each of these web sources and puts it all together for me quite nicely. 

I really don't watch much TV, especially during the summer when all they show are repeats.  And even when I do, I'm usually chatting or doing something else at the same time.  I was absolutely hooked (and in love with) Ally McBeal until that was cancelled last season.  Same with X-Files.  About all I watch now is The Apprentice and Whose Line is it Anyway when I remember to.  I really miss Politically Incorrect but can't justify getting cable just for that show.

I don't get out to the movies as much as I'd like to - but what I miss in the theatre I usually make up for on DVD.  American Beauty, The Matrix, The Princess Bride, Office Space, and Armageddon are my favorites.  I tend to like the sci-fi, comedy, and comedy-romance type movies.  Favorite actors include Will Smith, Tom Hanks, and Nicholas Cage, but Kevin Spacey, Kevin Smith, and Drew Barrymore are my absolute favorites.  I own a BUNCH of movies (over 380 DVDs as of 8/1/04).  I also have a growing collection of music video DVDs, such as Phil Collins, Madonna, Erasure, and Janet Jackson.

Video games are fun, and I tend to be pretty good at them, so that became another of my hobbies ever since I got a Vectrex.   It's one of life's great ironies that by the time you can afford all sorts of video games, you no longer have the time to play them.  Such is my life.  I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series as well as an occasional player of StarCraft.

Philanthropy has lately become a big deal to me.  I'm not sure what changed in me -- perhaps it's my inclination to network or just help out, but I'm finding myself lending a hand whenever I can.  Not only am I the president of my homeowners' association, but I'm also an ambassador of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and quite frequently volunteer to help at their events.

Lately I've become involved with a group of people called Leadership Lodi and we have been planning a project that helps high school students with free transportation to places like the library and the Boys and Girls club.