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While I do spend a lot of time on the Web, I don't do the aimless surfing like most people tend to get themselves into.  So, I really don't have that big of a collection of web sites.  I'm positive that there's tons of great sites out there, I just haven't found my way to them yet.

InReach Internet (Shameless plug.)

Microsoft Corp

Froogle.Com (Great place to find low low prices... just be careful.)

Blizzard (Makers of StarCraft, WarCraft, and Diablo.  Any questions?)

Final Fantasy Online (An incredible fan site with media and reviews.)

E-Cards (My favorite place to send cards from... and, every hit contributes to the World Wildlife Fund.)

Mail-a-Meal (Yup, that's right... send a friend a snack!)

Virtual Florist (Send someone some flowers... and then follow up with the real thing!   These guys are great.)

How to keep an idiot busy (Go ahead... try it.)

MIDI Farm (Excellent source for MIDI files.)

The WWW Purity Test (81% at last check, 6/20/98.)

Yahoo! Movies (Find out what's playing in your area.)

The Onion (Now this site is funny.)

Area Code Lookup (Kinda handy.)

CPUC (The government body that regulates the electric, cable, and telecomm companies throughout California.)

Bable Fish Translator (Cette page est très utile!)

TimeZone Converter (Pretty handy to.)

USPS (Excellent place to find zip codes, proper addresses, and postage rates.  Here's the Canadian version.)

1-800-Flowers (More expensive than Virtual Florist (which I also highly recommend), but a better selection.)

All-Walls (Awesome selection for posters and the like.)

Microsoft Expedia (Excellent place to buy airline tickets.  Very cool web site, as long as you can do it yourself.)

Sheet-Music.Com (They've got nearly every piece of sheet-music here, but they take FOREVER to ship it.)