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So welcome to a section that is selfishly devoted to me.  Of course, what else would you expect by coming to my own website, I mean, really?  I think you'd be pretty disappointed if you clicked on About Me and ended up with a page about cows or something.

I mean, cows are great and all.  Sure we need them for milk and beef and the occasional cow-tipping, but a whole page about cows?  What would be the point of that?  I guess I could include pictures of cows, crazy facts about cows, maybe some tips on milking cows or even how to mate cows.  But, why would I want to go on and on about that, and why would you want to read it?

But then again, why not?  I suppose people would want to read about cows... right?  There's farmers and nutritionists and students.  There's the whole 4H group; they're into cows.

And what about all the people who are into cow-themed things, and spend insane amounts of money on cow-stuff... you know what I mean, like cow posters, cow salt and pepper shakers, cow phones, cow figurines, cow clocks, cow slippers, etc.  What kind of person in their healthy mind would do something like that?

Did you know that cow spots are like fingerprints?  That no two cows have the same spots?  And an average cow weighs like 1400 pounds?  That's a lot of meat. 

I love those Happy Cows commercials, don't you?  Especially being a California native.  Cows also drink a lot of water, about 20-30 gallons a day according to some research.  And in regards to milking, did you know that we get about 1500-2000 glasses of milk...