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I've had a couple pets in my lifetime, and their pictures and stories are down below.  But, my current pet has asked that I put up a link to his homepage first.  So, you might want to check it out and even sign his guestbook.  He keeps saying he's gonna start a blog, but, you know how lazy cats can be.

Q-Tip: I'm the cat your momma warned you about!

Binary, my first cat since living on my own, adopted me shortly after moving into my first apartment.  He was a stray cat and I never found his owner so he decided to move in.  We had a great bond and he was an awesome cat.  Unfortunately, Binary passed away in March of 1997.

Visual Bunny (see a trend yet?) moved in July of 1996 and was the cutest bunny you ever did see.  Then he got a 'tude and was the rudest bunny you ever did see, but still cute so you forgave him.

And here we have Morgan, a kitten that was with me for just a little while.